Lingerie Or Leave Him

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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Shocking Reveal

What happens today on Lingerie or Leave Him makes a very shocking reveal. Listen here!


Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him And Melanie Gets Hit On?

Another awkward Lingerie or Leave Him. This time the man believed to be cheating on his girlfriend hits on Melanie LIVE on air. What? Listen here.


(Photo TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Goes Off The Tracks Today

Well, another Lingerie or Leave Him goes off the track today and ends…well, crazy. This is the most YINZERRIFIC one we have ever had. Listen and you will understand.


Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Makes Jason Hang Up

Another Thursday of Lingerie or Leave Him. Jason hangs up on Kaelynn and she ends up feeling horrible. Listen hear.


Bubba Show Doesn’t Find A Cheater This Time Or Do They?

The boyfriend has a sense of humor, but does his girlfriend? She thinks he is cheating because he is ATTACHED to his phone. Listen hear to find out.


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Lingerie Or Leave Him: It Leaves Tara Begging Mark For Forgiveness

The way this Lingerie Or Leave Him ends is absolutely shocking. None of us could have expected this to happen. Quite shocking. Listen here.


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Bubba Show Lingerie Or Leave Him: Another Man Caught Cheating

Although, this Lingerie Or Leave Him doesn’t end well, Sharon gets revenge on Pat. Live on the radio. How? Listen here.



Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him..Lori Says Ed Lies

Lori truly believes Ed is cheating on her. She confronts him on Lingerie or Leave Him. Listen to what happens at the end of the call here.


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Lingerie Or Leave Him: Did Kevin Cheat On Melanie & Take The Lingerie

Another first on Bubba Show’s Lingerie Or Leave Him today. Kevin asks for the lingerie! What? You have to hear!


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him: Molly Thinks Mark Is Cheating

Molly was tipped off that her man was cheating. She confronts him on the air and Mark answers honestly. Or does he?