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Prince Harry Wants To Settle Down, Ladies! (VIDEO)

In a new interview, Prince Harry says he’s looking for the right lady friend! WOOP WOOP!

100.7 Star–05/11/2015

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WEBTASTIC: Man Travels 5,437 Miles To Propose To G/F With ‘Rent’ Song! SO CUTE! (VIDEO)


100.7 Star–10/03/2014

Contestants sit with their carved pumpkins and are proud.

E-List: Things Everybody Loves About Fall But YOU Hate…

Ahhhhh it’s about that fall time. The brisk cold air and your neighbor are blowing leaves, your house reeks of an apple cider candle, and you can’t walk into any store without it throwing up Autumn. HAPPY FALL! But not all of us are fans…

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Dear Scott: I Cheated, My Wife Forgave Me, But Why Can’t She Forget?

Dear Scott: I cheated on my wife 5 years ago. It was one time with a then co-worker. It was a huge mistake. I admitted to it. I told my wife a million times I […]

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WEBTASTIC: Inseparable Couple Of 62 Years Die Hours Apart, True Love Story (VIDEO)

The real life ‘Notebook’, love does exist :)

100.7 Star–08/04/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh’s Joe Manganiello Has A New Celebrity Girlfriend

First Zac Efron now THIS?! How are the women of the world supposed to deal with this kind of stress!

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WEBTASTIC: Brad Pitt’s beautiful letter to Angelina Jolie!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have proven time and time again that they are a strong couple, that goes without saying. He has penned an open love letter to his wife that will give you […]

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Can’t help where you meet someone, just as long as it happens! Now don’t be creeping!

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E-List: Reasons Girls Dig Bad Boys

My interns are by no means bad boys we want to fix that a little…these are the reasons why girls dig bad boys!


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E-List: Top Things We LOVE about Pirates Games

AHH! My favorite time of the year…BASEBALL SEASON! There are so many things we love about it from the hot steamy (men) I mean food to the best view in baseball at PNC Park…WE LOVE IT ALL! These are the top things we love about Pirates games…