Matisyahu with Bubba & his kids!

Bubba Brought His Whole Family To See Matisyahu

Bubba and his entire family are Matisyahu super-fans. The whole clan was stoked to get upclose and personal with him.

100.7 Star–07/30/2012

Matisyahu plays at 100.7 Star!

Matisyahu Tells Us About The Evolution Of His Sound

His first album, Live at Stubbs was a live recording of one of his early shows. “That first record was a live record…made in a rock club. So that’s a live show and it’s pretty awesome the success, that record has sold like 800,000 copies” says Matisyahu.

100.7 Star–07/30/2012

Bubba & Matisyahu

Is Matisyahu Without His Beard Still Matisyahu?

The answer is ‘YES” and perhaps, even better. The Fallen Sparks recording artist visited 100.7 Star and performed for a packed house in the Baierl Acura Theater.

100.7 Star–07/30/2012