Mel Gibson

Top Ten: Celebrity Cheaters

With the news today that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his staff we decided to reflect on the Top Ten Celebrity cheaters …


Thor The Big Movie Over Mother’s Day Weekend

  The 3-D action movie, Thor had a big debut at the weekend box office, opening in first place with $66 million in ticket sales! 


Mel Gibson Will Not Be Appearing In Hangover 2

Could Mel Gibson be done in Hollywood?  Seems he can’t even get a bit part!


Never Miss The Dirt With JR Bubba And Shelley

Did you miss the Hollywood Dirt this morning?  Then you missed Facebook friend Julie on the fourth mic AND all the talk about a beaver puppet!


Will Mel Gibson Win An Oscar Next Year

Mel Gibson’s image might get a boost if his new movie, The Beaver, is as good as sources claim. 


Potential Witness In Mel Gibson’s Assault Case Dies

She allegedly witnessed Mel’s outburst on January 6th but now,  she won’t  be able to testify against him. 


Mel Gibson In Car Crash

It’s been a great year for Mel Gibson huh?  Well, he ended his dramatic summer with a car crash. 


Britney Spears Supports Mel Gibson

According to In Touch Weekly, Britney Spears is a supporter of Mel Gibson.


But The Alleged Mel Gibson Tapes Keep Coming..

Whether they’re authentic or not, there sure are a lot of them!!!  Yet another tape released yesterday.  This one was about Mel being broke…Click more to hear why he blames Oksana for his situation AND […]


Mel Gibson’s Ex…Denied!!

It’s been quite a week for Mel Gibson, but yesterday he got some good news from a judge.