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Lingerie Or Leave Him With John & Lisa Leaves Things Unanswered

Lisa feels the need to see if John is cheating. It takes awhile for the answer. He gives one & it seems okay and then it goes wrong! Listen here.

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Bubba Show Exclusive: Pittsburgh Native Joe Manganiello Talks Pgh Food & Mt. Lebo Teachers

We were pretty luck to have the ONLY Pittsburgh radio interview with Mt. Lebo hottie actor Joe Manganiello. You can hear all about his new movie and his favorite Pittsburgh things & Mt. Lebo teachers he adores here!


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Lingerie Or Leave Him Brings Physical Proof But Mark Denies It All

Mark laughs off the accusation he is cheating on Shannon, but Shannon brings physical proof! It ends CRAZY! Listen here!


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Lingerie Or Leave Him: Nicole Is Certain Nick Is Cheating, But Wait…..

Nicole is certain Nick is cheating, but Nick proves her wrong. But, then Nick throws a HUGE curveball Nicole’s way. Wow! Listen here!


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Melanie’s Frugal Fridays With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Another great weekend of some FREE and amazing clues on how you can save! Check it out all here!


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Bubba Show: Lingerie or Leave Him Leaves Sandy In Tears

Lingerie or Leave Him has Sandy crying by the end. What does her boyfriend John do to make her cry? Listen here.


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him With Another Unexpected Ending

Lucy has a bad feeling that her man Mark is cheating on her. This doesn’t end the way you are expecting. Listen here!


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Melanie’s Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Great savings and tips from Bubba Show listeners and Valentine’s Day…look here!



Shelley Duffy’s EyeBrow

We had a listener call us to complain about Shelley’s one eyebrow being bigger than the other. You be the judge. Look here.


Melanie Taylor

Melanie’s Holiday Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

We have some GREAT free events and some amazing holidays tips for cleaning here!