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Lingerie Or Leave Him: Trish Is Speechless & So Is Melanie

Trish is left speechless as Nate hangs up TWICE on us & is pretty rude to me. Listen here!


Melanie Taylor

Guys: I Found The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Women!

Guys..let me help you get a gift for your woman that she will LOVE & never want to go without. Look here.



Melanie’s Holiday Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Holiday savings are here! Pittsburgh Frugal Mom helps you do something to SAVE that involves your cell phone! Plus, a few FREE events!


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Bubba Show: Plain White T’s Tim Lopez Calls In Talking O Starry Night

Tim Lopez from The Plain White T’s tells Bubba Show what the band wants to do when they return to Pittsburgh. It involves the Pirates! He also tells us about the band being excited for O Starry Night. Listen here!


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Asian Food Boxes Turn Into Plates?!

So, here is the RIGHT way to eat your yummy food when you order take out! Don’t grab a plate! It turns into a plate! Look here!


Margot B and Melanie Taylor (photo courtesy Melanie Taylor)

Bubba Show: Local Actress Margot B From Boardwalk Empire

Local Pittsburgh actress Margot B from Boardwalk Empire talks about her love of the city & talks sweet nothings to Bubba after I made her do it! Listen here!


Melanie Tayor and Dana Vento

Melanie’s Holiday Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Another great weekend of SAVINGS for the upcoming Holidays AND FREE for you too! Look here to see it all!


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Bubba Show Exclusive: O Starry Night Performer Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw calls into Bubba Show to chat about our O Starry Night show December 10th at The Pete. All he really wants to do is ride the incline when he is here too! Although, he calls the incline something else. Listen here!


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Karen In Tears

Karen saw Ed’s car somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. She calls in to see if Ed is being faithful. Listen to it all go down here. It gets pretty heated.


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Melanie’s Holiday Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Well, the Holidays are upon us and Pittsburgh Frugal Mom has some GREAT ideas for savings for you here! Plus, a few FREE events!