Short Girl Problems... THIS IS TOTALLY ME!The struggle is so real for me for being short. Very short. Look how short I am next to Kelly! These pictures sum it all up.. look here!
This Is Lisa Who Called Bubba Show About NOT Being Able To Find A GuyLisa can't seem to find a good guy and she is so OVER it.
The Hottie Last Night At The GOP Debate Was NOT TrumpHere is the name of the HOT guy that was on the GOP debate last night....Look here.
I Want To Share About My Dad.....I want to get truly real with our Bubba Show family about the anniversary of my Dad's death that is happening.
Bubba & I Show Our Bodies...Bubba & I decided to reveal to our Bubba Show family MORE of us. Literally. Look here.
This Video Of Dance Mom Dancers Maddie & Mackenzie Is AWESOMEWhat better way to show off the fall fashions than have Dance Mom dancers Maddie and Mackenzie do it! Watch it here!
Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Has Dan So Angry At The EndWell, Lingerie or Leave him may not expose what you think, but it surely leaves Dan so upset and angry. Listen here!
Bubba Show 3rd Annual Virtual Family Vacation (OCMD)Our 3rd annual Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation is this week! Check all the pictures and adventures here daily!
Who's The TRUE Star This Season On Dancing With The Stars?If you think you're having a bad day, might want to check out this story about Army vet, Noah Galloway. He's among the contestants on this season of Dancing with the Stars. TRULY inspirational.
Kim Kardashian Completely Copying A Pop Star From Serbia? Whaaaat?Kim Kardashian copying the look of a Serbian pop star? Come on Kim....Check out these pictures. What do you think?
This Video Will Melt Your Heart And This is Why I Love Robert Downey Jr.I love any video that shows there ARE good people out there. This is one of them. Happy Friday everyone!
This Taylor Swift-Jimmy Fallon Combo Could Be The Best EverWe've all seen it. Dancing like no one is watching...When in fact TONS of people ARE watching! Check out Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift "jumbotron dancing".