Melanie’s Free Fridays

Melanie Taylor

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Earth Weekend of FREE Fun!

What great events you can enjoy with EARTH DAY! Look at them all here.


Melanie Taylor and Dana Vento

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Learning, Walking, Singing & More

Can you believe we are in the middle of April already? That surely doesn’t stop all the amazing FREE events that could be happening right in your backyard! Look here for the great ones this weekend.


Melanie and Dana

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Food, Easter Fun & Ice Cream

What AMAZING FREE events so close to Easter! Egg hunts & ice cream & music FREE! Wait till you see…


free fridays

Melanie’s Free Fridays: St Pat’s Fun, Samples & Music

It is Friday again and another FREE Friday is at your service! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Melanie’s Free Fridays: Pets, Contests, Tea, Science & More

The amount of FREE is amazing this weekend. From Robinson, Wexford, Downtown, South Hills and tons more locations near you. It involves your pets, your kids, YOU and your friends! Enjoy!


us at oscars

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Easter Bunny, Movies & Music

Great FREE events for your first weekend in March! Enjoy!


pgh frugal mom

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Movies, Chess & Tea Parties

What a great weekend for FREE! There are amazing great things happening right near you! Look at them all here…



Melanie’s Free Fridays: Cakes, Dogs & Crafts & Opera

February is a great month of FREE so far! Check out some of these amazing events this weekend with family and friends.


pgh frugal mom

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Performances, Crafts & Park Fun

Enjoy your weekend with some FREE events that may be near you! Have a safe Martin Luther King Day too!


pgh frugal mom

Melanie’s Free Fridays: Gingerbread LOVE

Another great weekend of FREE events thanks to Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Dana! Look at all the Gingerbread fun you can have!