MTV Movie Awards

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Guardians of the Galaxy, Fault in Our Stars and Neighbors Lead MTV Movie Awards Nominees

But it’s really about Zac Efron taking his shirt off.


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Eminem, Rihanna Perform ‘The Monster’ at MTV Movie Awards

Since its release last November, you’ve heard “The Monster,” Eminem’s song featuring Rihanna, plenty of times. But you’ve never heard it performed live — not until the MTV Movie Awards last night, anyway.


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MTV Movie Awards Recap

Grumpy Cat, Rihanna, and Jared Leto are owning the MTV Movie Awards…


2012 MTV Movie Awards - Show

MTV Movie Awards And Pittsburgh Is Present

MTV Movie Awards were held last night. The only thing I really remember was Joe Manganiello, who grew up in Pittsburgh, in his naughty fireman costume. But there were some actual winners last night so check them out here.


Taylor Vs. Robert…Who Do You Vote For?

 Who do you love more?  Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?  Throw in Zac Efron, Daniele Radcliffe and Jesse Eisenberg in there too! I’m talking about the MTV Movie Awards!  Are you voting?


100.7 Second Entertainment Report For Monday

Did you miss the MTV Movie Awards last night?  Get what you need to know in 100.7 Seconds!


Hurt Locker Vs. Justin Bieber (MTV Movie Awards)

Jeremy Renner disrespects Justin Bieber in this MTV Movie Award promo! But, watch the END!  FUNNY!


MTV Movie Award Re-Cap (Les & JLo Dance)

This is a fun recap of last night’s show…but..WATCH the great dancing of Tom Cruise (Les Grossman..his character from Tropic Thunder) dance with JLo!


Sandra Bullock Making An Appearance

It’s Official!  Sandra Bullock is coming out of hiding!


Christina Aguilera Will Perform At The MTV Movie Awards

Christina Aguilera is set to perform at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6th.