Oprah’s Unauthorized Biography, A Movie?

Kitty Kelly recently wrote a controversial, unauthorized biography about Oprah Winfrey, and it may now become a movie.


What Does Bret Michaels Tell Oprah?

What does he tell Oprah on her show on 5/19/10 about why  he wears that bandana?


Friday’s Entertainment News!

Find out if you have a name most parents regret naming their children, also find out about the Sarah Silverman Show, and Taylor Lautner.


Justin Bieber On Oprah & Katy Perry’s New Single

Justin Bieber was on Oprah on Tuesday, find out what he talked about, and Katy Perry has a new single, take a listen to a part of it!


What Kind Of Woman Does Taylor Lautner Want?

What does he tell Oprah about the woman he wants to date?


What Did Robert Pattinson Want To Be?

The TWILIGHT group is on Oprah today!!  What did Robert Pattinson say he wanted to be before an actor?


Nevermind, There Was Some Lohan Lunacy Today!

I stated in an earlier post that there wasn’t anything that crazy that Lindsay Lohan did today, and that maybe true, but remember that E-Trade lawsuit she filed??


MORE GLEE…until the return tomorrow night.

Look Ma, they really can sing!


Oprah Will Host A New Show On Hew OWN Network

The Queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, is ending her long-running show next year but fans won’t get a chance to miss her as Winfrey has already announced she will be hosting a nightly show […]