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How angry would you be at this ^ guy?

E-List: The MOST Annoying People

It’s one thing to annoy someone but those noisy loud overbearing late line cutting peeps drive us craaaazy! These are the MOST Annoying People!


Melanie Taylor's Camera Picture

Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Won’t Marry Melanie

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray finally got married yesterday. I am quite certain what I said to him years ago made a lasting impression on him.


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Like Adam Sandler I Embarrass My Kids Too

Adam Sandler is realizing he is starting to embarrass his daughters with the way he dresses. I think I’ve done a good job with this lately too.


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Rihanna Says She Is Comfortable Getting Naked

In the latest issue of Britian’s Women’s Fitness magazine the 24 year old opens up about being naked and how she feels about doing it.  At the age of 24, she is pretty open with […]


Premiere Of FX's "American Horror Story" - Red Carpet

Golden Globes & SAG Awards Announced

I can’t be more excited that American Horror Story got nominated for a Golden Globe for best drama along with another one of my favorites Boardwalk Empire.  Jessica Lange is amazing in the show and […]


2010 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1

Toddlers & Tiaras Parody With Leah Remini & Ashley Tisdale

Have you seen the show?  Did you see the special double issue of People magazine two weeks ago with the cover dedicated specifically to the show?  Has it gone too far with these Moms and […]


Demi & Ashton Defend Cheating Rumors

They both will be celebrating five years of marriage this Friday..possibly?


Charlie Sheen Buzzed!

There was a suspicious report going around Friday that Charlie Sheen had shaved his head bald.


Justin Bieber On PEOPLE

When will he appear on PEOPLE magazine’s cover?