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Woman Live-Tweets Breakup On Board Delayed Plane

WHO BREAKS UP WITH SOMEONE ON A DELAY! You obviously wait until you land, DUH!

100.7 Star–08/25/2015

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‘The Rock’ Lets 2-Year Old Believe She is Pulling Plane (VIDEO)

‘You’re SO strong!’

100.7 Star–06/12/2015

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Web Junk: What Happened to the Person Responsible for Tweeting That Graphic US Airways Photo

You won’t believe what happened to the person responsible for tweeting out the graphic photo sent out from US Airways!


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Dear Scott Email: Kids Drugged On Plane

Dear Scott, We spent Christmas in Florida and flew back yesterday. And on the plane we saw a young couple give their kids Nyquil to apparently knock them out. We guessed them to be around […]

100.7 Star–12/27/2013