Man Spends $50,000 To Look Like Genderless Alien (PHOTO)I'm sorry, WHAT?!
Couple Spends $300K To Look Like Barbie & Ken (VIDEO)Well...they DO look plastic.
Mother & Daughter Spend $86,000+ On Plastic Surgery TogetherI can't make this stuff up.
Iggy Azalea Debuts New Face At BBMA'S (PICTURE)I can't put my finger on it but somethinggg is different.
Kylie Jenner FINALLY Admits Her Lips are Fake?Well the day has come that she has owned up to having her lips done!!!!
This Is Not What Lil Kim's Face Looks Like Anymore (PICTURE)NO MORE PLASTIC SURGERY! PLEASE!
Guy Spends $150,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian! YIKES! (PICTURE)You read that correctly. I promise.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Spends $150,000 To Look Like a Caricature! WHAT?! (VIDEO)Sanity is a fleeting trait these days. *shakes head*
WEBTASTIC: Man Spends $50,000 To Look Like A Ken Doll! (VIDEO)You'll never look at Ken the same way again.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Spends $35,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian! WHAT?! (PICTURE)As if one Kim wasn't enough.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Modified Her Whole Body To Look Like Jessica Rabbit!SPOILER ALERT: She looks NOTHING like Jessica Rabbit. WHY?! BECAUSE JESSICA RABBIT IS A CARTOON.
EXCLUSIVE: Do You Have Smartphone Face?If you use your smartphone TOO may end up with Smart Phone face!

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