PNC Park

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PNC Park Adds Some MAJOR Enhancements To Stadium! (PICTURE)


100.7 Star–02/23/2015

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Spotted In Pittsburgh: Seth Meyers at PNC Park

Late night for Seth Meyers hanging out at PNC Park with his fam for the Buccos game! Pirates won 7-3! We were there live on Federal, so don’t miss us next week for Free Shirt Friday!


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WEBTASTIC: Make-A-Wish Child, Matthew Beichner, Joins Buccos For A Day! AWESOME! (PICTURES)

I think I have a new favorite player! GO MATTHEW!!

100.7 Star–07/23/2014

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

Web Junk: Shirtless Man Runs Across Field During Pierogi Race

We gotta STREAKER!!! Sorta… he’s shirtless! During the Great Pierogi race someone other than a pierogi ran the field…


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PNC Park Named Best Ballpark of America 2014

Once again PNC Park earns the title of “Best Ballpark in America” according to TripAdvisor ( and everyone who wanders into PNC Park ;)


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Would It Be OKay If THIS happens tomorrow..?

Think it would be okay if it happens during a PIRATE PLAYOFF GAME THE FIRST TIME EVER PLAYOFF GAME AT PNC PARK?! #PNCBlackout

100.7 Star–10/01/2013


Bubba Curse Continues So He Must Be Punished

The Bubba curse at PNC Park just won’t quit. So we decided Bubba needed punished for his part in the Pirates’ losing streak. How? It was pretty brutal.


By: Isaac Brekken
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Will Bubba Get Escorted From PNC Park Tonight Like Modern Family’s Actor Did In LA

Will Bubba get escorted out of the Pirate game tonight? Will the Bubba curse be lifted? We hope he doesn’t mimic actor Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family.


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Your Greg Brownisms At The Pirate Game Tonight

We debuted your “Greg Brownisms” on the air today! Which one will Greg choose to announce tonight at the Pirate game? GO BUCS!


PNC PARK taken by Melanie Taylor on her iPhone.

Pirate Baseball & Pittsburgh Loving It All

Pirate baseball in this city is straight up on FIRE! Nothing better than it being summer in the best city with the best baseball team right now.