Prank Phone Call


Bubba’s Prank About Naked Pictures On A Cell Phone

One of my favorite things to do every week is when I become William Haynes (my alter ego) and do a prank phone call.  This week Jessica’s boyfriend wanted me to prank her because she […]



Time For Another Prank Phone Call!

I LOVE doing these prank phone calls. I have an alter ego whose name is William Haynes. Today William was pulling a prank for a wife whose husband was trying to sell his mower online. […]



And Now Another Bubba Prank Phone Call

I love pranking people! Somehow it always ends with them saying “I’m gonna kill….” whoever put me up to it!  There will be no killing! :) If you want me to prank someone in your […]



Another Bubba Prank Phone Call

If you pick up the phone and the guy on the other side is named William Haynes…BEWARE!  You see that is the name that I use when I  make my weekly prank phone call.  If […]