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The Cruelest [But Still Hilarious] Chainsaw Prank (VIDEO)

I would have pooped my pants. Just saying.

100.7 Star–07/22/2015

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Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank Is SO Wrong! (VIDEO)

It is NEVER funny to allow someone to think they are going to die…EVER.

100.7 Star–06/29/2015

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Grandma Gets An IPhone & She’s NOT Happy About It! (VIDEO)

In all fairness, they are a little tough to get used to. ;)

100.7 Star–12/29/2014

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Kids Get Worst Gift EVER & Their Reaction Is PRICELESS! (VIDEO)

Well, that didn’t go as planned.

100.7 Star–12/15/2014

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Girlfriend PEPPER SPRAYS Toilet Paper, Boyfriend Uses It! (VIDEO)

All of a sudden, I feel like girlfriend of the year!

100.7 Star–12/10/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Pregnant Thanksgiving Turkey Prank! (VIDEO)


100.7 Star–11/25/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Guy Plays CRAZY Prank On His Phone-Snooping Girlfriend! (VIDEO)

Well, that escalated quickly.

100.7 Star–11/24/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Haunted Billboard Prank! Reactions=PRICELESS! (VIDEO)

I would have peed my pants. No joke.

100.7 Star–10/31/2014