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‘Glee’ Music Preview: Blackout Episode Goes Acoustic

When the lights go out at McKinley High, the New Directions gang go unplugged. With an acoustic guitar in hand, Sam gets to the heart of The Righteous Brothers classic “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” […]


(Photo courtesy of Adam Rose/FOX)

‘Glee’ Channels Its Inner Superhero For Latest Episode

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! Actually it’s just the members of New Directions playing dress up.


Top 10 Mellow ‘End Of World’ Songs To Make The Apocalypse Less Stressful

According to some alleged biblical numerological “proofs” and some very exuberant Doomsday believers, May 21st, 2011 (tomorrow) is the apocalypse. Cities all over the country have billboards with the date, missionary groups have headed out […]


Top Ten Songs About Healing The Earth

Every year, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day as a way of  recognizing the gifts our planet has given us, the damage we have done to these natural gifts, and to learn about the […]


Never Miss The Dirt With JR Bubba And Shelley

Another day, another edition of the Hollywood Dirt! And if you missed it, then you have to listen to what makes the grown men on the show, cry!


These Songs Make Men Cry

What songs are the most likely to make men cry? (Men cry???)   A new  U.K. survey found the Top 10 tracks that make guys cry the most with [lastfm]R.E.M.[/lastfm]’s hit 192 hit, “Everybody Hurts,” leading […]