Replay Lunch

46th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Footloose On The Replay Lunch Today..Huh?

“Let’s Play Replay”…yep, day THREE of the new games during the Replay Lunch.  Today you will win a four pack of passes to see the remake of the movie FOOTLOOSE on September 27th in the […]


Fiona Apple On The Replay Lunch Today

  [lastfm link_type=””]Fiona Apple [/lastfm]will be on the Replay Lunch today!  What has she been doing?  Remember her song Criminal?  That opening line in the song..”I’ve been a bad bad girl.”  Loved it!


Blink 182 On The Replay Lunch Today

  [lastfm link_type=””]Blink 182 [/lastfm]will be one of the artists on the Replay Lunch today 12-1pm! Remember them in all the happier times?


St. Patty’s Day U2 Style Replay Lunch Today

[lastfm link_type=””]U2[/lastfm] & Bono talk all about drinking, LENT, what they drink and how they like to spend St. Patty’s day in this great video I found!  You gotta see it!


No Doubt On The Replay Lunch Today

Singer, Mommy, fashion guru…What can’t this beauty do?  She & her group [lastfm link_type=””]No Doubt [/lastfm]will be on the Replay Lunch today 12-1pm!


Star 100.7’s Replay Weekend!

 The city of Pittsburgh celebrates St. Patrick’s day this weekend with the parade downtown and Star 100.7 wanted to join in on the party! It’s a Star 100.7 REPLAY WEEKEND… with all the songs […]


Madonna On The Replay Lunch Today

So, [lastfm link_type=””]Madonna[/lastfm] is super busy being a Mom and even helping out her beautiful daughter Lourdes launch her clothing line.  But, we gotta hear some Madonna from 2000.  How?


Marky Mark On The Replay Lunch Today

Mark Wahlberg is so cute I can’t even take it.  I could watch his recent movie The Fighter over and over again!  Well, Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch will be ON the Replay Lunch […]


Avril Lavigne On The Replay Lunch Today

[lastfm link_type=””]Avril Lavigne [/lastfm]has a new song and CD out now, but we aren’t talking about her NEW stuff.  You want to hear some older Avril…well, we can do that for you in the Replay […]


LIVE Is On The Replay Lunch Today

  Do you remember the band [lastfm link_type=””]LIVE[/lastfm]?  They are from York, PA.  I saw them twice in concert and I used to LOVE them in the 1990’s.  Their hit CD “Throwing Copper” was released […]