Ryan Star

Ryan Is A Bright Star

The new album from Ryan Star, “11:59” made a great debut on the charts after being released on August 3rd.


Ryan Star at the Mall At Robinson

Today was the STAR 100.7 Starbucks Coffee Break with Ryan Star!


Cover Art For Ryan Star

The cover art for his new CD, “11:59” has been released!


Ryan Star “Breathe”

Since he’s been holding that number 1 position on the STAR 100.7 Top 8 at 8 for the last few days, I thought I’d post the video to his song, “Breathe.”  Check it out.


Ryan Star Does Kesha, La Roux & B.o.B.

He was performing at an event for a radio station in Des Moines, Iowa, and did a good rendition of Kesha, La Roux & B.o.B.  Check it out here!