Sandra Bullock

Barbara Walters Announces Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters has revealed eight of her ten picks for her annual Most Fascinating People special. 


Top 5 Halloween Costumes. At #3

At #3: Jesse James & Michelle “Bombshell” McGee You’ll need a billion fake tattoos for both of you (including a forehead one for the lady). The guy will need to grow a hideous goatee and […]


It Was A Rough Year, But A Lucrative One

Is being Hollywood’s highest-paid actress enough to make you forget about a cheating ex-husband? 


It’s Final…

Looks like the rumors that Sandra Bullock was ready to take Jesse James back were just that…Rumors! 


Say It Ain’t So!!

The National Enquirer has been pretty accurate lately (and was even considered for a Pulitzer Prize!! Gasp!!) but could this really be true? 


Sandy And Ryan Back Together Again

Well, it’s not quite what you think…. 


100.7 Second Entertainment Report For Monday

Did you miss the MTV Movie Awards last night?  Get what you need to know in 100.7 Seconds!


Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Disappoint At MTV Movie Awards

She was the most anticipated guest of the night last night.  She is just so cool..doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Click more to hear Sandy clear up some rumors..


Sandra Bullock Making An Appearance

It’s Official!  Sandra Bullock is coming out of hiding!


Sandy’s New Home

Sandra Bullock’s adopted son Louis was born in New Orleans and in her People Magazine interview she says quote, ” New Orleans in his city, and he is going to know it inside and out”.   […]