Santa Learns Sign Language For Deaf Little Girl (VIDEO)Merry Christmas Sadie, you are amazing.
Turn on or Turn OFF? Sexy Santa OutfitsHO HO HO! It's one thing to show up in nothing but a bow on Christmas but how do you feel about the sexy Santa/ elf costumes?
Cher Lloyd Answers All Your Christmas Questions -- Part 2
Trending Topic Tuesday: Do you know who Santa is?
Christina Perri Gets In The Christmas Spirit With A Santa Claus ToiletChristina tells CBS Local about her decorating budget while recording her holiday EP, ‘A Very Merry Perri Christmas.’
The Killers Fear Santa's Wrath In “I Feel It In My Bones” Christmas VideoA maniacal Santa gives up his reindeer and cookies for a Harley and a cigar. After forging weapons from steel, he heads out on the road to settle the score with The Killers.
10 Celluloid Santas
What Did Santa Bring You?
Zack's Letter To Santa
My 5 Year Old's Santa List
Thanksgiving 2015Your Guide To Thanksgiving
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