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Dear Scott: I Am A Virgin. Should I Tell Her?

Dear Scott: I am four dates into a new relationship with a woman I really like. I have put off anything physical, but I am getting signals she is interested. Part of the reason I […]

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Dear Scott Email: When Should Girl “Watch A Movie” With A Boy?

Dear Scott: I am really into a guy I have been dating for three weeks. He keeps inviting me to his house to “watch a movie” but I think you and I know what that […]

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Let’s Talk… Phone or Relations

Let’s face it ladies we’re addicted to our phones. Even more now that women would actually choose their phone over having sex! 57% of women would rather have their phones than sex.


Couples Get Married In Group Ceremony On Valentine's Day

Bubba Show: S_x Degrees Of Separation

Here is a calculator that you can put how many partners you have been with, and through six degrees, how many people you have INDIRECTLY been with!


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The Situation: Sex Or Super Bowl?

If you could skip the super bowl… to have sex would you? The Overwhelming Majority of Americans Would Skip the Super Bowl to Have Sex!


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Women would rather have chocolate over WHAT?

Wow! Is this true? Women prefer chocolate over sex?


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If You Had 15 Extra Minutes What Would You Do With It

A new survey asked people how they’d spend an extra 15 minutes a day.  Of course, men and women have very different opinions about what they’d do.  The majority of women said they’d sleep or […]


Radio Formspring

Every Thursday we do the radio version of Formspring!   With radio Formspring…you can ask us ANYTHING. And we do mean…anything! All you have to do is call 412-333-1007 or go to our Facebook page and […]