Shelley Duffy

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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Karen In Tears

Karen saw Ed’s car somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. She calls in to see if Ed is being faithful. Listen to it all go down here. It gets pretty heated.


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Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Sam STILL Mad at Bobby

Sam has a gut feeling her man Bobby is cheating & we want you to hear what happens when Sam STILL doesn’t like her happy answer.


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Deals With A Female Boss

Karen has feelings that her boyfriend Nate is cheating on her. That person that he is being unfaithful with is possibly his BOSS! Listen here!


Melanie's iphone

BUBBA SHOW: Melanie’s Mom Reads Our Hate Emails

So, once a month we have my Mom on the air reading Bubba Show hate emails. She is the nicest woman EVER and her reading them is HILARIOUS! Listen here.


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him.. You Will Laugh Until You Cry

John makes us all laugh and then cry. In a good way. I think. The funniest Lingerie or Leave him here!



Bubba Show Does Funny Commercials… Have You Seen Them?

Have you seen Bubba Show’s commercials? Look here!



Shelley And Melanie Go TOPLESS!

Yesterday was International Go Topless Day! Women who wanted to show their support gathered downtown and marched to Point State Park..TOPLESS! Melanie and I were among them and if you want to see the pics, click here.


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Bubba Show Countdown: Top 30 Songs Of The Year

Who had the #1 song of the year? Listen to Bubba Show Countdown the final weekend of the year. You’ll blow the surprise if you click on this story. I dare you to resist!


Shelley Drunk?

Bubba Show: Is Shelley Drunk In This Photo

Shelley claims that she was NOT drunk in this photo? What do you think?



Bubba Show: Shelley Can’t Admit When She Is Wrong!

Shelley Duffy will argue about ANYTHING even when everyone around her tells her that she is wrong!