Little Known Shopping Secrets For Target! (VIDEO)I've loved Target for years, how did I not know this stuff?!
BEST Local Places To Shop This Holiday Season (Courtesy of Yelp! Pittsburgh)Support local business' and get unique gifts at the SAME time! WIN, WIN!
WEBTASTIC: Target Employee Gives EPIC Pep Talk Before Black Friday Opening! (VIDEO)"THIS IS TARGETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!"
Man Dresses Up As Fake Soldier On Black Friday To Get Deals, Real Soldier Confronts Him (VIDEO)This is SICKENING.
Dear Scott: My Wife Put Our 2 Year-Old On A Lease
E-List: People You Need To Buy ForThere are certain people you NEED to buy Christmas/holiday presents for so let's not forget about them this year!
E-List: Reasons Why Christmas Shopping Can Be The WORST!Ahh the season of disappointment is upon us! Nothing worst than watching someone open up something that they clearly don't like and watch them pretend to be grateful for it, or worst yell at you for not getting them exactly what they wanted. HUMBUG!
WEBTASTIC: Need a Hump Day pick me up? Dogs in boots is the trick!
BYOB Cakes? Count me in!
WWLOT: Ghosts like to date too and Legos outnumber humans! Read more here!
Dear Scott EMail: Leash On Kids, Y/N?
WEBTASTIC: Woman Completely Transformed After :37 of Photoshop
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