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Son Surprises Mom With Family Trip To Disney! (VIDEO)

He is setting the bar WAY too high for the kids of the world.

100.7 Star–07/24/2015

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Paula Deen Under Attack After Offensive Tweet (PICTURE)

This lady needs to just STOP.

100.7 Star–07/08/2015

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Justin Timberlake Celebrates 1st Father’s Day With ADORABLE Picture!

As if JT could get ANY hotter, add a baby!

100.7 Star–06/22/2015

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Parents Can’t Keep Son Out Of Shower & Find Out Why (VIDEO)

This is AMAZING– where else is he going to practice?!

100.7 Star–05/13/2015

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Soldiers Surprises Son In Picture Day Photobomb (VIDEO)


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Carrie Underwood Debuts First Picture Of Son!

My heart is MELTING.

100.7 Star–03/30/2015

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold’s Reveal Daughter’s Name

P.S. Their first child is a girl, just a heads up.

100.7 Star–02/12/2015


WEBTASTIC: Son Gifts A 1957 Chevy To His Dad On His 57th Birthday! (VIDEO)

This amazing son has set the bar WAY too high for the rest of us!


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Dear Scott Email: Catholic/Jewish Debate Divides Dad/Mom

Dear Scott: I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic and he wants to baptize our son but I don’t ever want to have to convert and I want to raise my son Jewish. Any […]

100.7 Star–04/16/2014

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Web Junk: Military Mom Surprises Son

Now here is something that should bring a smile or tear! This Military Mom showed up at her son’s basketball game and surprised him while he shot a few hoops! He hasn’t seen his Mom in eight months!