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Web Junk: Starbucks Providing Free Education To Workers

If you work at Starbucks they might provide you with a free online college education.


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Food Finds: $54 Starbucks Frappuccino

$54 later and Andrew is still working on drinking the most expensive Starbucks drink…


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Web Junk: Frozen Parody “Do You Wanna Go To Starbucks?”

If we don’t get coffee now we might go Elsa on you and freeze your…


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Web Junk: Wine & Beer Coming to Starbucks

May I have a Venti Cabernet?! You sure can! AHHH! Starbucks is no longer going to be a place for a quick caffeine fix, but a happy hour, beer-thru, boozing-loving spot!


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Web Junk: DO NOT Give Out Your #! #StarbucksDrakeHands

There are times to give out your number and times you just shouldn’t! I am still learning when the right time is however when you receive creepy video messages like this I’d say that was a wrong time.

100.7 Star–10/07/2013

Starbucks Pick-A-Side: Pumpkin Spice Latte vs Salted Caramel Mocha

Pick-A-Side: Pumpkin Spice vs. Salty Caramel

Cool weather is here and that makes each day a great day for a hot beverage. Which Starbucks creation is your go-to drink this Fall?


‘American Idol’ Alum Caught Flashing

Remember American Idol season 9 contestant Todrick Hall? Nice voice, but because he was also a good dancer, he may not have been taken as seriously as he should have been. Since then, Todrick has […]


Starbucks Is Rolling Out A Bigger Size Cup

If a Venti isn’t big enough for you, Starbucks has announced that it is ready to roll out a bigger size this spring!


Five Tips To Save Money At Starbucks

You might do some of these already to save some money on your trip to Starbucks, but some, you may not.  Here are 5 tips to save some money, straight from Starbucks employees.


STAR 100.7 COFFEE BREAK-IN with Ryan Star: Part II

Star 100.7 and Atlantic/RRP artist Ryan Star crashed the Starbucks at the Mall at Robinson for a midday concert.  Here’s Ryan performing “Breathe”.