Taco Bell

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Taco Bell Delivery Is Coming!

What else do you really need in this life beside tacos being delivered straight to your couch!


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WEBTASTIC: Drunk Bride Walks Through Taco Bell Drive-Thru! HILARIOUS! (PICTURE)

How you end the most perfect day of your life? Taco Bell, of course!

100.7 Star–08/25/2014

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Food Finds: Quesarito & An Extra Long Cheeseburger

If you haven’t had a heart attack yet, these foods are waiting for you!


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Web Junk: Drunk Taco Bell Delivery

Drunk deliveries will bring you Taco Bell.


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E-List: Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

I told you about Taco Bell introducing breakfast so we got the entire menu on the #EList for your to start drooling over…


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Web Junk: Taco Bell For Breakfast!

Fourth meal, fifth meal, now we can have Taco Bell for EVERY MEAL! Oh yeah breakfast just got real spicy. Taco Bell is introducing a breakfast menu next month!


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WWLOT: Explanation of ‘Doritos dust’ vs. the cutest adoption EVER! Read more here!

I have officially lost my groove and have no idea how to get it back. Flick won this week- FOR THE THIRD WEEK IN A ROW. Maybe I’m still distracted from O Starry Night and […]

100.7 Star–12/12/2013

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Passion Pit Address Taco Bell ‘Take A Walk’ Controversy: “It’s An Amazing Opportunity”

Fan reaction to Passion Pit’s hit song “Take a Walk” being used in a Taco Bell ad has been all over the map, with some fans loving it and others finding it to be a big bummer. We spoke to singer Michael Angelakos to get his take on the controversy.