The Biebs

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E-LIST:. Things The Biebs is doing after Jail

The Biebs is outta jail now and you would think he might get it together but I have a feeling he’s not and that this experience has taught him nothing…


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Web Junk: The Biebs Is Retiring!

Yep Justin Bieber said in an interview that he plans on retiring from music. SAY IT AIN’T SO! Or maybe Merry Christmas to you? He can’t call it quits yet!

100.7 Star–12/17/2013

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Web Junk: The Biebs in bed with WHO!!!

Is that Justin Bieber in bed with a what!

100.7 Star–11/06/2013

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The Biebs Gets Hit in the Head with a Water Bottle

Justin Bieber got hit in the head with a water bottle at a concert in Sao Paulo over the weekend and he got so mad that he just walked off stage.