The Killers

Credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

The Killers New Album Slated For Autumn Release

Rumors have abounded about the band’s status. Are they broken up? Are they working on a new album? Frontman Brandon Flowers put out a solo album in 2010 called Flamingo, cementing popular belief that the Killers were officially done.


Credit: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

The Killers Cover Raspberries’ 1972 Hit “Go All The Way” In Tim Burton Film

Dark Shadows had a respectable opening weekend at the box office and may have rock group The Killers to thank. At the end of the film, Killers fans will hear an uncanny similarity to the original recording of the Raspberries’ 1972 hit “Go All The Way.”


Top Ten Songs About Space Travel, The Universe, & Alien Life Forms

Last Friday, NASA’s Endeavour shuttle was scheduled to launch, but the plan was nixed when they found a glitch in the power system. While NASA is now saying Endeavour is scheduled to launch no earlier […]


The Killers Taking A Break

The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers has a solo album on the way.