The Notebook

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Guys Watch ‘The Notebook’ For The First Time (VIDEO)

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!

100.7 Star–02/11/2015

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Web Junk: THE NOTEBOOK Turns 10 WATCH Rachel McAdams’ Audition Tape

Noah and Allie might be turning 10 but their love continues to touch millions.


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WEBTASTIC: Couple Recreates ‘The Notebook’ For Engagement Photos! Beautiful!

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

100.7 Star–06/20/2014

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Interview: A Rocket To The Moon’s New Album Inspired By Nicholas Sparks

When it came time to record their sophomore album Wild & Free, A Rocket To the Moon decided to take a different approach and enlisted the help of several Nashville co-writers. But during an interview […]


By: Donna Ward Getty Images Entertainment

R Kelly Claims A Movie Brought Him To A Divorce

R Kelly blames the most romantic movie “The Notebook” on the end of his marriage. What?


Premiere of "Drive"

Ryan Gosling Saves The Day In NY

So, can Ryan Gosling get any sexier?  Well, now he saves the day breaking up a fight on the streets of NY.  It was literally captured by onlookers who finally realized it was in fact […]


Crazy Stupid Love Is A Must See For Me

 I can’t deny that I have had a love affair (a fake one) with Ryan Gosling since he starred in “The Notebook.”  Wow, does he look good in this new movie with Steve Carrell called […]