The Situation

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Snooki/Vinny & The Hurt Locker Jersey Shore Style

Snooki from the Jersey Shore has her own sunglass line available now for you! They range in price between 20 -35 dollars.  They are big, bold and full of bling.  Look here!  Simply called Snooki […]


Jersey Shore Photocall In Florence

Jersey Shore Season 4 August 4th

Yep..I’m so excited for it.  I know.  I’m a loser.  But, season 4 of the Jersey Shore in ITALY happens Thursday, August 4th.  Have you seen the trailer?  Wow!


The Situation Sues His Dad

That actually takes….well, you know.   Apparently Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is fed up with his dad shooting off his mouth so he’s finally doing something about it.


The Situation’s Dad Has Put His Son In A Situation

Ok, there might be a few issues when you’re dad is trashing you to anyone who will listen!  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s dad is accusing the Jersey Shore reality star of abandoning his family.  Well, […]


Bad News For Reality Stars

Maybe it’s just the fact that their fans can’t read….Ok, I’m kidding but it does make sense.


Jersey Shore Cast Will Have To Live By Some Tough Rules In Italy

Florence Italy officials have made it no secret that they’re not exactly thrilled with the cast of Jersey Shore coming to their fine city.  


Jersey Shore Cast About To Get Richer

Looks like the cast of Jersey Shore is getting a huge raise..


Jersey Shore Update

Jersey Shore pretty uneventful last night….


The Dirt: Favorite Ads Of The Big Game And Is The Situation Leaving Jersey Shore

If you missed the Hollywood Dirt this morning, you missed hearing about the Big Game ads, the latest on Lindsay Lohan and what the Situation has planned next for his career…


Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make a New Year’s Resolution, and most people break them within the first week.  Let’s see if these celebrities keep theirs.