The View

Whoopie And Joy Defend Themselves For Walking Off The View

The girls on The View got together again yesterday to talk about last week’s infamous Bill O’Reilly fight.  So were Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar wrong to walk off the stage when things got heated?


Things Get Heated On The View

All hell broke loose on The View Thursday morning when Bill O’Reilly appeared on the program.  A conversation about the planned mosque at Ground Zero set off a HUGE arguement!!!


Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View

It was just announced that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be joining Good Morning America.  So is she out as co-host of The View?


Don’t Treat Lady Gaga Like A Piece Of Meat

Please stop treating her like a piece of meat!  If you do, maybe she’ll stop wearing a meat bikini.


David Letterman On “The View”

David Letterman will make his first experience on The View.


Who’s The VIP Visiting The View?

It’s a first for a daytime television talk show.  Click more to hear the announcement by the ladies of  The View. 


Britney Spears Supports Mel Gibson

According to In Touch Weekly, Britney Spears is a supporter of Mel Gibson.


Barbara Walters Returning To The View

Barbara’s coming back, Monday!  Well, sort of…


“The View” Akwardness

Kathy Griffin makes Elisabeth Hasselbeck squirm in her seat during the show yesterday!


Barbara Walters To Have Heart Surgery

Yesterday on The View, Barbara Walters revealed she will have heart surgery to replace a faulty valve.