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Girl LOSES HER MIND When She Gets One Direction Tix! (VIDEO)

I was a tween once, I totally get it.

100.7 Star–12/31/2014

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Adorable 4-year-old covers Bruno Mars

We have Bruno Mars tickets for you all week and until he gets here this little four-year-old should hold you over!



Ticketmaster Ditches Annoying CAPTCHA Verification Process

If you’ve bought concert tickets in the last decade, you’ve probably strained your eyes and asked yourself something along the lines of, “is that an ‘i’ or an ‘r’?” Ticketmaster’s dreaded CAPTCHA security check can […]


Star Access Can Get You Up Front And Back Stage At Nickelback

Want access to exclusive VIP experiences?  Maybe get a ticket upgrade or even a chance to go backstage?  Then you need a Star Access Pass.  Visit Star 100.7 at the following times and locations – […]