Tik Tok

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Ke$ha Visits Tokyo, But What Is She Doing There?

Why was the singer in Japan? We uncover the facts.


Ke$ha Fighting With Watch Maker Over Tik Tok

  By: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images Ke$ha is fighting with a watch maker over them using the name of her first hit single,Tik Tok.  The name of the watchstrap is “TikTok” and Ke$ha says it is too close […]


Kesha Performs At The MTV EMAs

She got her glow in the dark paint out, and performed “Tik Tok.”


Star Trek TIK TOK!

Love it!


HILARIOUS Kesha “Tik Tok” Parody Video

You may have seen this!  It has over 3 million hits!  Funny guy doing a Kesha parody!