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Dear Scott: My Son’s Birthday Wish…For My Ex-Wife And Me To Go Out Together With Him ‘As A Family’

Dear Scott: My son, Derek, will turn 8 on Friday and only has one birthday wish. He wants me, his mother, who I divorced years ago, and his brother and sister to go out for […]

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Dear Scott: He Dated My Worst Enemy, But Does His “We Were On A Break” Excuse Cut It?

Dear Scott: I broke up with my boyfriend 6 months ago for all the wrong reasons. I recently came to my senses and convinced him to take my back. Everything was going great until I […]

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry BERATES Parking Lot Attendant (VIDEO)

Words can’t express how many things I want to say to this chick.

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WEBTASTIC: Little Girl FREAKS OUT When She’s Told Her Baby Bro Will Grow Up! SO CUTE! (VIDEO)


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