Viral video

Little Girl Loses Her Mind When She Finds Out Adam Levine Is Married (VIDEO)I reacted a very similar way.
Pitbulls Know Exact Moment They Are In Trouble (VIDEO)This is AWESOME!
Mom's Hidden Camera Finds Dad Dancing To Katy Perry (VIDEO)He nailed EVERY WORD.
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves Live (VIDEO)This cracked me up for an embarrassing amount of time.
Man Proposes To Girlfriend And Then Her Daughter (VIDEO)'IT FITS!'
Dog Apologizes For Doing A Bad Thing (VIDEO)It should be illegal how cute he is.
Little Girl Is Literally Scared Of Her Own Shadow (VIDEO)Poor thing, I can't help but laugh.
Baby Fake Cries When Dad Tries To Cut Her Nails (VIDEO)This is ADORABLE!
Toddler Loses It When Dad Says She Doesn't Have A Boyfriend (VIDEO)"I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"
Elderly Man Greeting Wife At Airport With Roses Is #RelationshipGoals (VIDEO)Is someone cutting onions in here?!
Mom Finds Daughter Completely Covering Son In Peanut Butter (VIDEO)She literally didn't miss ONE spot.
Two Grandma Sisters Bickering Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day (VIDEO)"I don't have my hearing aid on, what the hell do you want?!"