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Disney Songs Set To 90’s Music (VIDEO)

This is so perfect! 90s kids, click here!

100.7 Star–04/27/2015

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Man Buys All Woman’s Roses On Train, Tells Her To Give Them Away (VIDEO)

Small, kind gestures go a LONG way.

100.7 Star–04/21/2015

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Her reaction is priceless.

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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Little Girl Says Everything We All Think About Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

It’s like she’s inside my head RIGHT. NOW.

100.7 Star–04/06/2015

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VIRAL VIDEO! Operation: Save The Date

If this is a preview of the wedding, I need an invitation STAT.

100.7 Star–04/03/2015

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Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound! (VIDEO)

This is NUTS! Baby has got some moves!

100.7 Star–03/31/2015


AMAZING! 7-Week Old Baby Says ‘Hello'(VIDEO)

HOLY COW! This is awesome!

100.7 Star–03/12/2015

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Woman Dances To ‘Thriller’ To Induce Labor! (VIDEO)

Hey! Whatever works, right?!

100.7 Star–02/19/2015

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Girlfriend PEPPER SPRAYS Toilet Paper, Boyfriend Uses It! (VIDEO)

All of a sudden, I feel like girlfriend of the year!

100.7 Star–12/10/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Guy Proposes On Paddle Boat– BAD IDEA! (VIDEO)

My heart stopped beating for about 10 seconds. Just a heads up.

100.7 Star–09/23/2014