Web Junk: The Cutest Response To Adele's "Hello"When Adele calls and says "Hello" this kid gives the cutest response!
Web Junk: Macaw Meets Boxer, Ariana Grande DuetA macaw meets Rascal, the boxer, tells him "Don't Bite" and Ariana Grande sings an amazing duet with Andrea Bocelli...
Web Junk: College Girl Drives Barbie JeepWhat happens when you get your license suspended and have to get around your college campus? You walk OR drive a Barbie Jeep!
LOOK At This Mind-Blowing Sky Pool! Lets You Swim In The AirLOOK at this pool in the sky! You can swim through the air. Not sure I could do this...
Web Junk: News Anchor Has Had It With KardashiansA tv host was over talking about the Kardashians so he went on a rant and walked off set!
Web Junk: Girl Takes Senior Pictures At Taco BellThis high school senior got her pictures taken where a lot of students make the best memories... with fast food!
Web Junk: Flying Flutterbye Fairy Flies Into Flames
Web Junk: Co-Anchor Shakes It OffHis co-anchor was shaking him off while he was shaking it off to Taylor Swift!
Web Junk: Rock The Vote #TurnOutForWhatHopefully you made it to the polls today... Lil Jon and Lena Dunham we're there to remind you to turn out for what!
Web Junk: Let it Go Parody (Let it Grow, Movember)No-Shave November is back in full force and it couldn't start without a Frozen "Let It Go" parody...
Web Junk: Fallon's Scary LampJimmy Fallon has a scary lamp haunting him and his staff...
Web Junk: Little Girl Wakes Up Jamming To Ed Sheeran's "Don't"This little girl woke up jamming out to Ed Sheeran's "Don't"... and this is Ed as a kid...

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