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Dear Scott: Should I Marry A Man Who Thinks A Woman Shouldn’t Be President? Go Hillary!

Dear Scott: My fiance and I had a huge fight on Monday because he thinks women, like Hillary Clinton, who I support shouldn’t be President. He believes men are better suited to get things done […]

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Dear Scott: I Am Considering A Last Fling Before I Get Married. Yes Or No?

I’m getting married in June, but can’t stop thinking about a woman I work with. We flirt a lot and joke that she is going to be my last fling before I get married.

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VIRAL VIDEO! Operation: Save The Date

If this is a preview of the wedding, I need an invitation STAT.

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Ed Sheeran Surprises Couple As Wedding Singer (VIDEO)

I would have DIED.

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Pittsburgh In Top 25 Most Expensive Places To Get Married!

If I start saving now, I can afford the wedding of my dreams in about…a decade.

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‘Maroon 5′ Become Wedding Crashers In New ‘Sugar’ (VIDEO)


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Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Get Married 20 Years Later! (VIDEO)

A Nicholas Sparks book comes to life!

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Solange Knowles OWNED Her Bridal Jumpsuit at NOLA Nuptials! (PICTURE)

Only a Knowles could pull this off.

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Couple Throws Comic Book-Themed Wedding! (PICTURES)

LOVE this idea!

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