What We Learned on Twitter

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WWLOT: Michael Keaton Turned Down MILLIONS!? vs. Rubber Ducky! Read More Here!

David from SDC Remodeling joins us to help judge!

100.7 Star–11/26/2014

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WWLOT: House Decorated With Beer?! vs. The Vatican Has The Most WHAT?! Read More Here!

Dr. Frank Verri of Verri Wellness helps us judge!

100.7 Star–11/19/2014


WWLOT: Spice Girls Have The CATCHIEST Song? Vs. Michael Scott Is Real? Read More Here!

Our friend Whitney Snyder came in to help us judge ‘What We Learned on Twitter’ and promote an AWESOME event that helps our troops! Troops N’ Hoops is an RMU Faculty vs. Military Basketball Game […]

100.7 Star–11/07/2014


WWLOT: Starbucks Spends More $ On Insurance Than WHAT? vs. A Pig On Trial?! Read More Here!

Danielle from Officers Down 5K helps us judge!

100.7 Star–10/27/2014


WWLOT: Ja Rule Is Writing A Cookbook?! vs. Joe Pesci Did What?! Read more here!

Gabriella’s Gourmet On The Go helps us judge!

100.7 Star–10/16/2014

Soyil Candles by Greta

WWLOT: Australian Lady Knits Sweaters For WHAT?! vs. Teddy Bears Under Arrest?! Read More Here!

Greta from Soyil Candles helps us judge!

100.7 Star–09/30/2014

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

WWLOT: You Can LOSE Weight With Chipotle?! vs. Daylight Savings Arrest?! Read More Here!

REAL LIFE Jousters helped us judge! How cool!

100.7 Star–08/28/2014

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation)

WWLOT: The Olsen Twins Wore WHAT??! vs. Bears Hate Selfies!? READ MORE HERE!

Brian Gulish, from ACS Pittsburgh, joins us to judge!

100.7 Star–08/13/2014



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