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WWLOT: Drive-Thru Funerals?! vs. Chimps Do WHAT?! Read More Here!

Dr. Frank Verri

100.7 Star–16 hours ago


WWLOT: Starbucks Spends More $ On Insurance Than WHAT? vs. A Pig On Trial?! Read More Here!

Danielle from Officers Down 5K helps us judge!

100.7 Star–10/27/2014


WWLOT: Ja Rule Is Writing A Cookbook?! vs. Joe Pesci Did What?! Read more here!

Gabriella’s Gourmet On The Go helps us judge!

100.7 Star–10/16/2014

Soyil Candles by Greta

WWLOT: Australian Lady Knits Sweaters For WHAT?! vs. Teddy Bears Under Arrest?! Read More Here!

Greta from Soyil Candles helps us judge!

100.7 Star–09/30/2014

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

WWLOT: You Can LOSE Weight With Chipotle?! vs. Daylight Savings Arrest?! Read More Here!

REAL LIFE Jousters helped us judge! How cool!

100.7 Star–08/28/2014

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation)

WWLOT: The Olsen Twins Wore WHAT??! vs. Bears Hate Selfies!? READ MORE HERE!

Brian Gulish, from ACS Pittsburgh, joins us to judge!

100.7 Star–08/13/2014

(Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

WWLOT: Jell-O Sent WHAT?! To Sad Tweeters VS. Unmade Beds Are Healthier?! READ MORE HERE!

Clearview Federal Credit Union Car Sale Info HERE!

100.7 Star–07/28/2014

(Photo: Flick)

WWLOT: Nipple Makeup?! vs. Woman’s Legal Name is NUTS! READ MORE HERE!

and FINALLY I got a point on the board :) Thanks Tyler!

100.7 Star–07/17/2014



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