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Dear Scott Email: She Thinks My Blender Is Sexy

Dear Scott: My wife has asked for a blender for Valentine’s Day. No, I’m not kidding. And yes, we’ve been married awhile. Do I get her what she wants, or do I anticipate her disappointment […]

100.7 Star–02/12/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Dating Guy Still Living With Wife

Dear Scott: I recently started dating a guy that is separated from his wife, but still living in the same house with her. He said he can’t afford another place right now. My friends say […]

100.7 Star–01/23/2014

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Driving Can Be Dangerous To Your Marriage

Whether women are driving the car or not, they are clearly in charge. What a surprise. Let’s practice guys, “yes dear.”



EXCLUSIVE: The Wife Of The Cheating Husband Gives Bubba Show An Update

Last week we wrapped up the investigation on the suspected cheating husband, when he was seen going into a motel with a man and a woman. The wife was planning on confronting when he got […]


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