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Dear Scott: My Cougar Boss Wants Me…I Think!

Dear Scott: I’m a 22-year old guy and work in a shipping warehouse. My boss is an attractive woman in her mid-40’s, and kind of a cougar. She’s always telling me how hot I look […]

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Dear Scott: My Husband Is Carpooling With Attractive Neighbor And Is Facebooking Everybody About It

Dear Scott: My husband carpools with our attractive neighbor woman. They constantly facebook their car stories and always look and sound like they are having so much fun driving to and from work. What bothers […]

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Dear Scott: Does His Gift Of Coffee Mean He Wants A Latte More?

Dear Scott: I have a guy friend at work that knows I love Starbucks coffee so now he brings me a cup every day after lunch. I really appreciate it but I can’t help but […]

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Dear Scott: I Am Considering A Last Fling Before I Get Married. Yes Or No?

I’m getting married in June, but can’t stop thinking about a woman I work with. We flirt a lot and joke that she is going to be my last fling before I get married.

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Dear Scott: TWO Sons, TWO Tickets To Final Four. How Do I Pick Who Goes With Me?

Dear Scott: I won a sales contest at work and won TWO tickets to the Final Four in Indianapolis. I have two sons, which means I can only take one. What do you think is […]

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Dear Scott: My Boyfriend Wants Me To Flirt With His Boss To Get A Promotion

Dear Scott: On Thursday, my boyfriend and I are having dinner with his boss. My boyfriend is up for a promotion and wants me to flirt with his boss, who is 60 and married with […]

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Will You Hook Up At Your Holiday Work Party?

The people at Cosmopolitan have this handy dandy guide to tell if you should go for the gold, or just stay home.


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Dear Scott: Do I Rat My Friend/Co-Worker Out For Session In Stall With Bosses Wife?

Dear Scott: The second Friday of every month my boss takes everyone out for Happy Hour. Last month, everyone got real drunk. My friend and coworker ended up in a bathroom stall with the boss’ […]

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Dear Scott Email: Chocolates Equal Cheating So Says Co-Worker

Dear Scott: I stopped at Giant Eagle before work last week. While there, I saw a coworker’s husband buying chocolates and a romantic card. When I didn’t see either on my coworker’s desk I asked the girls […]

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Dear Scott Email: The Secret The Boyfriend Can’t Tell The Girlfriend – You’re Fired

Dear Scott: I am an assistant manager where I work and have been in on some meetings where decisions have been about upcoming layoffs. Not only have several nervous coworkers ask me about what I […]

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