World Record

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

PA Teen Sets World Record For Solving Rubik’s Cube (VIDEO)

5.25 seconds?! WHAT!?

100.7 Star–04/27/2015

Bubba Get’s Ripped Off For His First World Record!

This morning was my first attempt to set a world record. October is Apple Month and of course we have the Major League baseball playoffs. So here was the world record we were going to […]


Star Morning Show’s 18th World Record!

Every Monday we do World Record Monday.  Monday morning since all the kids are back to school the world record attempt was “The Most #2 Pencils In A Person’s Mouth!” The record was JUST approved […]


T.O.D.D. the Human Pinata

World Record Monday   The Worlds Biggest Human Pinata! T.O.double D of the Village Idiots built the Pinata…and Bubba and Shelley did the wacking! Click More to take a listen: